SUP Yoga Classes

What is SUP Yoga?

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga incorporates the focus, relaxation and stretching of yoga with the calm gentle bliss of being on the water. Class begins on land as we briefly discuss paddle technique and navigation to our yoga “studio”.  All equipment can be provided by Huntington Stand Up Paddle, or your can bring your own. We launch from a dock right on Huntington Harbor and then enjoy a short paddle in which students can stand or stay kneeling if they prefer. Beginners are encouraged to take an intro to paddling lesson so that they will feel more comfortable on the SUP boards (contact Huntington SUP for intro classes). Once we glide to our destination, students anchor their paddle boards and will be guided through a slow flow vinyasa yoga class. As we focus on balance and mindfulness, students slowly move through yoga poses, making choices throughout their experience to create the class that is perfect for them. All experience and ability levels are welcome! Just like in our aerial classes, beginners are encouraged to move at their own pace. As this is a new and unique type of yoga, almost everyone is a beginner. Being on the boards forces us to stay in the present moment and insists that our focus stays on our breath, balance and body. SUP Yoga is a beautiful, unique experience that is accessible for EVERY body.