Class Descriptions



Students will be guided through Antigravity fundamental movements, poses, inversions and sequences, broken down incrementally. This class is beginner friendly and moves at a slower pace. However, even a regular practitioner will appreciate all of the opportunities to build strength and flexibility. Here you will discover the power, excitement and pure joy of moving freely in all directions of open space utilizing the AntiGravity Hammock.


A fusion technique of pilates, yoga, dance, aerial arts, and strength building only possible while utilizing the Antigravity Hammock. Inversions are offered but not essential to having a complete, challenging, supportive and fun experience. This is a beginner friendly class, but students of all levels will benefit from the strength building sequences and deep opening stretches.


The AntiGravity Hammock enables you to do things that wouldn’t be possible on your mat. A moving, shifting, three demential yoga prop, it supports and cradles you while allowing you to push the limits of your yoga practice further than imagined. Throughout class, you can choose to participate in inversions, or just opt for more familiar upright terrain. There will be an opportunity to hold poses and inversions for more extended time to allow the body to open while connecting to the breath. All will leave feeling lighter, more open and even a little taller. This is an open level class and options will be given throughout so students can individualize their practice.


A gentle, meditative, slow stretching and rehabilitative class. This powerful method floats the body through a series of gentle gyro-kinetic motions, deeply opening the entire spine, hips, and connective tissues of the body. This technique offers an optional inversion, as well as various forms of flowing spinal traction where the spinal decompression enables therapeutic release. It is accessible to students with physical limitations, but allows students of all levels to explore deeper spinal flexibility, and mind-body-breath connection. Working from different hammock heights allows for the gentle opening of hips and spine. Open level, beginner friendly. A yoga mat is used in this class.

ANTIGRAVITY TEENS – ages 11-up – (1 hour)

All the flying fun of an adult class, with fun music, more giggling, more swinging and more spinning. Teens benefit from strength building, stretching and breathing, while exploring poses in the AntiGravity Hammock. There will be a portion of the class reserved for free-time where teens can practice things they learned, create new poses and, of course take pictures to show all of their friends.

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